Grazing in Future

A virtual conference:
From thoughtscapes to landscapes, creating health from the ground up



The international workshop took place across 6 weeks in June and July 2021. The purpose was to influence future mental and practical models of pastoralism in continually evolving multi-scapes.  The workshop/conference comprised of a series of mini-workshop streams that were crafted to cultivate a shift in thinking towards sustainable, multi-purpose pastoralism.  These streams were synthesized to establish how multifunctional pastoral systems can be re-imagined and then designed in view of the integrative dynamics of sustainable future multi-scapes. This workshop tackled the following topics.
 • Grazing thoughtscapes
 • Socialscapes of grazing
 • Grazing landscapes (including climate, water and soils) 
 • Grazing foodscapes (including health of livestock and humans) 
 • Grazed wildscapes
 • Systemscapes  (design and thinking for future graziers)
Due to the uncertainty of travel restrictions to New Zealand in the foreseeable future, the workshop was hosted virtually via Zoom with an emphasis on interactive sessions. , but we had some inspirational speakers and great workshop content which made the event a success.  
Photo credit: Tommy Boland

Watch the 2021 Event Recordings

Whether you missed out on a space at the event or you joined the event and just need a reminder, make sure you watch the recorded videos here.


Lincoln University: Centre of Excellence Designing Future Landscapes

The Centre of Excellence – Designing Future Productive Landscapes seeks to explore all elements related to the future of agricultural development throughout the world, while considering the sociological context for an evolving world.


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